Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Triple Diamond Tattoos For Life Energy

People get tattoos for many reasons. Often they are a symbol of personality or to remember important events or people in their lives, but there’s now a new trend in tattoos. Many people believe that a simple triple diamond shaped tattoo inked on different parts of the body can bring energy. If you’re looking to add focus into your work life, love life or friendships, consider one of these special tattoos.
A Triple Diamond Tattoo On The Arm Brings Positive Energy To Friendships
Placing a triple diamond tattoo on the arm will bring you positive energy to your friendships. It is thought that arms are used to reach out to friends in need and by placing a tattoo on one of your arms; you open yourself up to receiving that positive focus.
Many people find that the tattoo helps them make new friends or rekindle old friendships that were thought to be lost forever. The tattoo can be placed on the forearm or bicep – either placement will help bring positive focus so it’s just up to you to decide where you’d rather have the tattoo.
A Triple Diamond Tattoo On The Chest Brings Positive Energy To Love
This special shaped tattoo on the chest can help bring positive focus to your love life. For the best focus, place the tattoo over your heart, but if you can’t do that, get the tattoo as close as possible. Many people who have gotten this special shaped tattoo quickly find themselves meeting a special someone and starting a serious romantic relationship.
If you have a special loved one already and you’re trying to improve or strengthen your relationship, consider also adding your loved one’s name beneath the tattoo. The simple act of placing the name underneath the tattoo means all the positive focus will be on that one person, helping your relationship grow stronger.

Diamond Tattoos
A Triple Diamond Tattoo On The Foot Or Ankle Brings Positive Energy To The Workplace
The triple diamond tattoo placed on the foot or ankle often will help bring positive energy to the workplace or help with a job search. The theory behind this is that your feet and legs can help you move towards prosperity and good fortune in the workplace.
Diamond Tattoos
The tattoo can bring you focus whether you’re searching for a new job or just wanting to improve your current work situation or status. People who have tried using these tattoos have reported promotions, new jobs and bonuses, all which have improved their financial situations.
Whether you’re looking to build more meaningful friendships, spark your love life or find satisfaction in your career, one of these special tattoos may help. The tattoos can strengthen friendships or help you develop new ones, improve your love life and even bring financial wealth into your life. These tattoos can go a long way toward improving your life and have convinced even the biggest of skeptics with their powers.